Best Camera for Cycle Touring


If you enjoy riding a bike for exploring new destinations or going on different types of road trips, it makes sense to buy the Best Camera for Cycling.

A good quality camera will help you to save all your memories of the trip along with all your awesome experiences while riding your bike.

You can also use your camera to film footage that you can potentially use if you need to file for insurance claims, yet this is typically not a situation that you want to find yourself in.

If you are shopping around for your own cycling camera, yet you are still unsure which models are the best on the market.

Here is a guide you can use that will tell you about a few of the top-rated cameras you might want to consider, along with detailed descriptions on why we think these should be on your list of favorites.

Our guide also covers a couple of important characteristics about the cycling camera, along with a few features you need to look out for.


Where Should You Mount Your Cycling Camera

There are a few different types when it comes to cycling cameras.

In most cases, these types will differ according to how you mount the camera.

In the majority of cases, these cameras come with different accessories which provide versatility when it comes to how you can use them while you biking.

Below is a list of the places you can mount your camera for the purposes of cycling:


In this position, the camera will provide an adequate view of what lies in front of you. The only issue with this particular location is the fact that it can be unstable. It is expected that your videos will turn out blurry, which is why you need a camera that has an efficient stabilization feature. This position is also handy as it allows for an easier way to access the buttons on the camera when needed.


If you prefer your footage to be more stable, then it would be a better idea to mount your camera on your helmet. It is important to ensure the camera features a mount that is tight. Some riders do not enjoy this position as the videos and images are from too high up.

Under The Saddle

From this position, you can capture the riders and their faces from behind you. This is a handy position when you ride in a group. This position is one of the choices that are unconventional for many cyclists.


How To Choose The Best Camera For Cycling

As you start narrowing down your options, and you arrive at a well-informed decision, there are few important aspects that you need to keep in mind:

• Weight And Size

A cycling camera needs to be lightweight and compact without interfering with its performance. If the camera is too heavy or big, it can become a distraction while you are riding.

• Video And Photo Quality

Make sure that the camera you have chosen has the ability to take high-quality videos and pictures. The higher resolutions translate into vivid and crisp images.

• Mounts

Because you will be using your camera for biking, the kit should come with a sturdy mount set, which you can easily use to attach your camera to any position that you like during each ride.

• Waterproofing

Some of the action cameras already feature their own waterproofing qualities, yet others may require a protective casing. Make sure you look for waterproof cycling cameras so that you can use your camera even when it is raining.

• Screen

The viewfinder or the screen is another important feature as it lets you view the scenes you have recorded. Many of the sports and cycling cameras feature a screen size of 2 inches. The colors should be vivid and crisp. The better cameras also come with touchscreen displays.

• Ease Of Use

Look out for the features that indicate that the camera is easy to use. For example, look for cameras that feature wireless connectivity, which will allow you to use a Smartphone as the remote control.

• Battery Life

There is not much more frustrating when your camera shuts down due to a flat battery. For a cycling camera, look for the models that come with extended battery-life to capture footage of your entire ride. You should also make sure that it will not take long for the battery to fully charge.



When you choose the Best Camera for Cycling, you can document your entire journey, capturing all the memories of your epic trip.

The sports or cycling cameras might be small, but they have a lot to offer when it comes to their functionality.

For great value-for-money, you may want to consider the 7 options that we mentioned earlier.

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