Best Earphones & Wearable Speakers for Cyclists


Wearing earphones while cycling could, potentially, be deadly.

Yes, I know this sounds over-dramatic but I strongly believe this to be true.

If you were to wear earphones/headphones, while cycling, which prevent you from properly hearing your surrounding then your alertness to danger is considerably less.

If you’re cycling on a busy road this could be critical but even out in the country you really need to consider this too.

So with that being said, in this article, at Ira Ryan Cycles, I’m going to list the best wireless earphones and wearable speakers for cyclists which are not intended to cut out all external sound but still give you high quality audio for your music or podcasts.

I will be asking the following question for each pair of cyclist earphones, or wearable speaker, that I review below:

  • do they have easy access media controls?
  • how long is the battery life?
  • are they water-resistant for rainy days?
  • are they safe to wear while cycling on a busy road?


Choosing The Safest Wireless Earphones for Cycling – Some Useful Tips

If you like to stay in shape, you’ll know how motivational music can be.

When you need that last bit of energy and the right song starts to play, it’s like you turn into a different person. At the same time, you want to enjoy music while staying safe.

For cyclists, there are several variables to consider before investing in a set of earphones.

In light of staying safe and motivated, here are some tips on how to choose the safest wireless earphones for cycling.

How Do The Earphones Fit?

One of the first things you look for in a safe pair of earphones is a comfortable fit.

If you need to fiddle with it the whole time, you are not prioritizing your safety. Hence the reason for testing the earphones in a safe environment before taking them out on the road.

Besides, you are not going to enjoy music if the earphones only cause frustration.

How Much Ambient Noise Gets Cancelled?

Many athletes think that blocking out ambient noise is a great thing.

But this only applies in certain environments.

If you are cycling on the road, you want at least some level of ambient noise to keep you aware and alert.

So, it’s not recommended to get total noise cancellation earphones, unless you stick to spinning in the gym or at home.

Is There a Possibility of Distractions?

Safety gear, such as your helmet, should never be compromised to accommodate a luxury.

In this case, music is a luxury compared to the purpose of the helmet.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t cycle to a motivational rhythm with quality earphones. Just make sure they are not designed to clash with your helmet.

How Sweat Resistant Are The Earphones?

If you are passionate about cycling, chances are you don’t stop until you work up a sweat.

But not all earphones are created equal, which means they could fail you under wet conditions.

Or they might begin to slip out of position, causing unnecessary distractions.

Test The Sound Quality

While you make sure the earphones are safe for cycling purposes, you shouldn’t forget to finish things off with a sound quality test.

Do you want earphones with massive sound?

Or do you prefer a set that carries better quality than volume?

The choice is yours thanks to an extensive range available on the market today.

Just remember to prioritize your safety when on the road. Especially when you cycle with earphones.



My Cyclist Earphone Reviews

#1 –AfterShokz Trekz Titanium Bone Conduction Bluetooth Earphones with Mic – BEST EARPHONES FOR CYCLISTS

As a cyclist, you might be looking for the perfect pair of headphones.

When searching through the marketplace, you will likely come across AfterShokz new Trekz Titanium Bone Conduction headphones which are designed specifically with athletes in mind.

Below, we will be going over how well they work for cyclists.

1. Do They Interfere With My Cyclist’s Helmet?

Because the headphones do feature an over-the-ear design, they are going to be ideal for runners.

For those that have to wear helmets, things might get tricky.

Some helmets work well with them and some might interfere. Therefore, it will largely depend on your individual gear.

2. Do They Require a Wire Around the Back of the Neck?

These headphones do not require the use of any wires as they are designed to be completely wireless using Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity.

3. Do They Provide Easy Access to Media Controls?

These headphones feature some of the most intuitive controls that you will find anywhere.

The controls are both convenient to access and very simple.

The headphones feature a multi-function button that works as a play and pause button which allows for easy and convenient access while cycling.

Along with this, it features on-board volume rocker adjustments with two separate buttons which allows you to change volume on-the-fly.

You will be able to get on-board prompts for connectivity and other indicators to ensure that you know what you are pressing without removing your headphones.

4. How Long Does The Battery Last?

AfterShokz claims that the battery is capable of providing up to 6 continuous hours of music and calls on a single charge. Therefore, you can expect the battery to last throughout the duration of each ride.

5. Are They Water Resistant?

These headphones feature an IP55 certification which means that they are resistant to moisture, dust, and sweat.

This should be sufficient for most cyclists but they are by no means waterproof. Overall, they should hold up to the weather you face while cycling.

6. Are They Safe To Use On Busy Roads?

When cycling, you need to be aware of your surroundings.

Because these headphones do not block out ambient sound, you are able to gain quality access to your favorite music or podcasts without putting you in danger.

You will be able to hear both your audio and your surroundings in full even at moderate speeds with the wind which makes them ideal for cyclists.

In the end, these are great options to consider for those that are looking to make an improvement to their listening experience while cycling.

While they aren’t perfect as they can interfere with your helmet especially on bumpy roads, they do a much better job than most of the products available on the market and the bone conduction tech is impressive.


Are Wearable Speakers a Better Choice for Cyclists?


It can be boring to spend hours on your bike if you don’t have anything to listen to.

However, it can also be challenging to find the right headphones to wear while you’re cycling.

If you haven’t found an option that works for you, you might want to take a closer look at wearable speakers.


Wearable Speakers are a Safer Option

There are some safety risks associated with wearing headphones while you bike.

When you have headphones on, a lot of outside sounds are going to be blocked out.

This means that you might not be able to hear some of the dangers around you. This could cause you to get into an accident.

When you have wearable speakers, you’ll be able to hear the sounds that you want to hear.

However, you’ll be able to hear other sounds as well.

You can hear if another biker is approaching you. You’ll be able to hear oncoming traffic. You’ll be able to pay attention to your surroundings and keep yourself safe.


Wearable Speakers Can Be Incredibly Lightweight

You might assume that it will be awkward to ride a bike while you’re wearing speakers.

This may have been true at one point in time, but it isn’t the case anymore. Many of the speakers you can find on the market are extremely lightweight.

These speakers won’t slow you down at all.

These speakers aren’t overly bulky either.

Because they’re designed to be worn, they’ll provide a fuss-free experience. You won’t have to spend any time adjusting these speakers as you ride. You’ll be able to focus all of your attention on your cycling experience.


Wearable Speakers Can Deliver High-Quality Sound

If you care about sound quality, you might think that these types of speakers aren’t the right choice for you.

However, if you take a closer look at the options that are currently available, you’ll see that these types of speakers can produce high-quality sound.

There are actually wearable speakers that can produce theater-quality sound.

It’s amazing to experience that while you’re cycling. Not every set of wearable speakers sounds great, but there are a lot of terrific options out there.

It’s clear that wearable speakers are one of the best choices for cyclists.

Whether you prefer to listen to podcasts or music while you’re on your bike, wearable speakers offer a lot of advantages over headphones.

Give them a closer look at decide what you’d like to listen to!


My Cyclist Wearable Speakers Reviews

#1 -Bose Soundwear Companion Wireless Wearable Speaker


#2 -JBL Soundgear Wearable Wireless Speaker


#3 -Zulu Audio Wearable Bluetooth Speaker

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