How To Choose The Best Mountain Bike iPhone Holder

The convenience of an iPhone holder for mountain bikers is a hard to pass up. Cell phones have many features that can make riding a mountain bike safer and easier, including GPS or even listening to your favorite music while on the trails.

The good news is that iPhone holders are cheaper than ever before. They can be purchased from a variety of retail and online stores, and they are cross-compatible for a range of bicycle frames and models.

Below we have compiled a list of the best iPhone holders for mountain bikes that money can buy. These holders were chosen for the numerous positive reviews on sites such as Amazon and other online shopping portals.

If you would like to get the most up to date shipping and pricing information for these iPhone holders, you just need to click one of the links below. There you will be taken to the corresponding product page on Amazon. You can also read the reviews and frequently asked questions left by other verified purchasers of the same model.


Best iPhone holders for mountain bikes

Various different kinds of iPhone holders are available for consumers today. They can include those that physically mount to the bike’s frame via bolts or screws, or those that can be fitted with pads or elastic.

The type of iPhone holder that you choose will mostly come down to your own preferences and how much you are willing to invest in in installation of the model. While a bolted holder may be more secure, they do require more effort on your behalf to get started, so it’s important to address the pros and cons of both.

Below you will find a variety of holders that include screw and non-screw iPhone holders, so you should have no problem in the search for the perfect product to suit your needs.

Widras Bicycle hone Mount

best mountain bike iphone holder


The Universal Mountain Bike Cellphone holder securely fits any cellphone models of up to 3.9 inches wide. This size means it can easily fit all the latest iPhone models, as well as the Samsung Galaxy range of phones from the most recent s3 to the newest s7.

A key advantage of this holder is that it comes with a secure grip and 360-degree rotation. There is no additional parts or assembly required, as the non-slip rubber clamps easily hold the phone in its place and are sturdy enough to withstand shakes and impact. You just need to press the button at the back of the clip to release the phone.

This holder is adjustable and will fit handlebars of up to 1.5” diameters.


IPOW Bicycle Phone Mount

bicycle phone mount

Another universal model, this holder is suitable to be used for any bike or motorcycle that has tubular handlebars. The holder can fit phones that have a length of up to 3.9” and suits handlebars from 0.2” to 1.6” in diameter. You do not need any other tools or installation for this holder.

The holder features an adjustable grip, so you can secure your phone at any angle or position that suits your preference.

The other shock absorbing rubber clip with silicone grips your phone securely.

Unlike other holders that limit or restrict the use of the phone while you are out riding. You have easy access to your mobile phone screen, buttons and mic jack for music. You will not need to unmount your smartphone in order to use it.

GVDV Alloy iPhone Bike Mount

iphone holder for bike

The GVDV Alloy Cellphone Mount is the heavy duty option for those who want an increased amount of sturdiness and security to protect their phones. It features an aluminum alloy frame that is both lightweight and sturdy and comes with four eagle claws to make it fit the pedestal correctly.

The length can easily be adjusted from 2 inches to 3.9 inches, allowing it fit phones that are 3.5” to 6.2” wide. The phone is fixed in place by one easy to install a screw that is guaranteed not to fall off quickly. You are able to adjust the phone in multiple positions: vertically, horizontally, or diagonally at any angle.

One important feature of this mount is that the claws are cushioned by 3M adhesive tape gasket, which prevents the phone from directly touching the mount. The tape gasket prevents scratches and marks on your phone and is also provides an extra layer of stability.


In Summary…

Thanks for reading our guide on the best cell phone holders for mountain bike riders. We hope you found this list helpful and informative.

If you would like to see the updated pricing and shipping information for any of the models posted here, you can just click on their links, and you will be taken to the product page on Amazon. You can also ask questions to other shoppers on Amazon’s platforms, although you may find that the most common questions have been answered already.

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