Your choice of the best mountain bike rotors, in 2019, will influence the responsiveness of your brakes, which is vital for those who like to push their bikes to the limits on their trails.

If you do not use high-quality brakes on your mountain bike, you can have an accident in the worst case scenario, and at best your bike will feel clunky and may cause slippage.

For this reason, we have compiled a list of the three best mountain bike rotors and disc brakes.

These products were chosen for their numerous positive reviews on sites such as Amazon, as well as for their competitive price points.

Best Mountain Bike Rotors & Disc Brakes

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 #1 – Shimano SLX M675 Bicycle Disc Brake Rotor – SM-RT66

The Shimano SLX M675 is one of the most widely praised disc brakes that can be found on Amazon.

It features a lightweight and sleek design with mud-shredding functions that means you can use it even in adverse terrain. You won’t need to worry about dirt, mud, or other debris getting caught in the rotor as it is self-cleaning.

The SLX M675 is the 6-bolt type, so you should check carefully if your bike can support this rotor.

The disc only weighs 2 pounds, and it is compatible with both Resin and Metal pads.

Additionally, the rotor is constructed from stainless steel, so it is impervious to rust and other deterioration found in different disc rotors.

#2 – OUTERDO Cycling Bicycle Bike Brake Disc Rotors

Made from stainless steel, OUTERDO’s MTB Disc Rotors can provide you with a long-lasting bike rotor that is guaranteed not to accumulate rust or other artifacts.

Like the Shimano M675, the MTB rotors from OUTERDO all feature the standard, 6 bolt pattern that suits most bikes.

They can fit the majority of mountain bikes and road racing bikes, so you should have no trouble with installation.

The rotors are perfectly smooth and flat, which means that can be universally applied to any bike set up without any problems.

The rotors come in different sizes, including 120mm, 140mm, 160mm, 180mm, and 203mm.

The bolts are included for easy installation.

The different hole distance for each of the above sizes is 44mm, which suits most modern bike frames.

#3 – Shimano Bicycle Disc Brake Rotor – SM-RT56

Another good rotor from Shimano, the SM-RT56 mounts to IS six-bolt hubs like other discs.

The MTB rotor fixing bolts come included with the drive, as well as anti-loosening plates, so the price is all-inclusive.

Measuring at 6x1x1 inches and weighing in  at less than 0.3 kilograms, the SM-RT56 is one of the lightest rotors that can be found for mountain bikes.

The SM-RT56 comes with Shimano’s standard one year warranty and features the same self-cleaning mechanism of the SM-RT66 that can be seen above. 

The main difference between this and the RT66 is that this rotor is designed to fit a different size and model of a mountain bike.

If you are unsure of which of the best Mountain Bike rotors will fit your bicycle, you should check out the sizing chart that can be found on the disc’s Amazon description page.

In Summary…

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