How To Choose The Best Women’s Mountain Bike

If you are a female rider, choosing the best mountain bike for your needs can sometimes feel like an overwhelming task. There is little information about the best mountain bikes for women out there, and the manufacturers do not specify their models by gender.

The good news is that there are some features to look out for on mountain bikes that make them better for women over men. Features like weight, size and suspension quality all contribute to a good purchasing decision.

In this guide, we will go over exactly what makes a good mountain bike for women, as well as to highlight the top three bikes to choose from. At the end of reading this article, you will know exactly what bikes to choose from if you are a female rider.


Top 3 Mountain Bikes for Women

Below you will find three of the top mountain bikes that we could find for female riders. These models were chosen for their competitive prices and their numerous positive reviews on shopping sites such as Amazon.

As always, what model is right for you will come down to budget, the features you are looking for, and your expectations.  For these reasons, it is recommended that you make your decision carefully, as well as take the time to study reviews from other verified purchasers that can be found on Amazon.

Sports stores can also give you the opportunity to try the bikes out in person, for free and under no obligation. First-hand experience is the superior way to shop, as you can get a feel for how the bike performs in person without relying on the hearsay of others.

All of the models below can be found on Amazon. Clicking a link will take you to the bike’s respective product page on the website, where you will be able to see the updated pricing information for the bicycle, as well as any pertinent shipping and handling details.


Diamondback Overdrive Sports 29er Mountain Bike – Nashbar Exclusive

best womens mountain bike


If you are looking for a reliable mountain bike to get you on the trails (and back home, too), need to look no further. The Diamondback Overdrive Sports 29er is a budget, entry-level option for the novice and experienced female rider alike. The bike features a trail-ready plus light and is comfortable and responsive to use. The Diamondback can be taken through a variety of terrain, including commuting through busy streets or pedalling down a lush greenway. The bike is versatile and responsive.

The Overdrive Sport is reportedly hand-built and made from a titanium alloy. It features resilient tubing made for both strength and accessibility. These materials make for a nimble and manoeuvrable machine that can handle whatever you can throw at it.

The bike also features precise steering that is supplied by the SR Suntour XCR-LO suspension fork, ensuring that your ride is smooth the whole way through. This is a must-have for any female rider, as it significantly reduces unwanted bumps and jitters that put you off balance.

The bike is priced competitively and is an ambitious staple seen in many cycles and sports stores around the United States.



Vilano  Ridge 2.0 Mountain Bike

best mountain bike for women

With a slightly smaller frame, Vilano’s Mountain Bike Ridge 2.0 MTB 21 Speed is a reliable option for female riders. The bike is compact and lightweight, which makes it perfect for trail riding, or simply riding around your campus or university.

Although the Vilano brand makes a series of bikes for those who are on a budget, the bike is ideally suited for advanced and demanding riders as well, leaving nothing desired and unaccounted as part of the bike’s solid construction and the features that come with it.

The bike comes with a 26” suspension fork with an added lockout, which can help with unloading and loading the cycle, as well as adding an extra level of sturdiness and durability that other cycles lack.

The Shimano 7spd shifters give the bike an edge over other models that in gears and versatility. You will never be left wishing for some extra gears on your bike with the Vilano, providing you with enough torque and traction to get you through even the toughest of climbs and outdoor excursions.


Merax 26″ Full Suspension 21 Speed Mountain Bike

womens mountain bike

The Merax 21 speed is another budget option with the female rider in mind. This mountain bike features a 19” steel frame, which adds slightly to its weight. Although the frame is constructed with still, it still feels nimble and responsive even in the most demanding of riding situations.

The suspension forks feature lockouts on both front and rear rods, preventing unwanted movement and vibration as the user moves along. The shifters are from Shimano: ST-EF51, which is a leading brand and model for mountain bike accessories across the world.

The wheels are made from dual aluminium rims that measure 26*14G and 36H*1.75. This helps to reduce the weight of this steel-constructed bike and provides the greater stability that is not easily found in the discount range of mountain bikes.

In summary, Merax’s 26” option is ideal for the budget-conscious female rider. It features many options that are not easily found in other models in its price range.



Best Women’s Mountain Bike Buyer’s Guide

That concludes our list for the best mountain bike for females in 2017. You may be left wondering how we came up with this in the first place. We can say that they certainly were not chosen at random, nor were they arbitrarily selected for their reviews alone on Amazon.

There are certain characteristics of mountain bikes that can make them better suited for women.



The size and weight of the bike play a crucial factor when choosing a bike, not only for women but men as well. It is a simple fact that women are smaller and less physically capable than men. Moreover, most women honestly would prefer not to carry around a large cycle that is nearly half their size.

Women should choose bikes that are quick and nimble. The above cycles are all some of the lightest models that we could find. A reduction in weight means that it will take less effort to power, as well as being more practical for taking out on extended rides or the open road.



It is critical for women to have enough gears on their mountain bikes. It is important for men as well of course, but women need the extra torque and power that comes from having a broad range of gears to choose from.

There’s nothing worse than trying to traverse a steep hill and wishing your bike could handle it. With extra gear settings, this does not pose a problem. Most bikes come in 9spd and 16 spd gear configurations, so it is fortunate that this kind of situation is rare.



One of the most overlooked features when buying a mountain bike has to be the warranty that comes with it. If you purchase a mountain bike that does not come with an adequate guarantee, you endanger yourself as well as putting a dent in your wallet.

Mountain bikes can be expensive to find parts for and repair. Most shops will charge upwards of $99 for a simple servicing. It is also better to have the peace of mind when it comes to the warranty rather than waiting until it is too late.



There is no shortage of mountain bike manufacturers for people to choose from, and that number is growing every year. One of the downsides to the vast amount of makes and models on the internet is that it can be hard to know what are good bikes and what ones are not. There is also the reality of fake and imitation brands out there that shoppers need to be careful to avoid.

This is why it is important to purchase only from the established brands on the market, which includes what type of mountain bike you buy, and where you get it from. Amazon is a great place for shopping for mountain bikes as there are many consumer protections in place that can prevent fraud and buyer’s remorse.



That concludes our list for three best mountain bikes for women and how we came to our conclusions about them. We hope that you found this list useful and informative.

If you are still on the fence about the best products to buy, you can always check out the above model’s reviews on Amazon. There you will be able to read from past buyers of the mountain bikes and learn from the experiences.

There may also be other benefits to buying through Amazon, such as extended warranties, or free and discounted shipping. You will also be able to see the updated pricing and shipping information for each of the products that we have talked about above.

When you click one of the links above you will be taken to each bike’s product page on Amazon where you will be able to make your purchase.

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