Shimano M530 vs M8020 Pedal Comparison



Shimano is famous for quality bike parts, but sometimes trying to see the differences between parts is challenging. The M530 and M8020, from Shimano, are both great pedals, but what are the real differences between the two.

Let’s take a closer look in this Shimano M530 vs M8020 Pedal Comparison:


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Shimano M530 Review



The M530 from Shimano is one of their lowest priced pedals, but that doesn’t mean its cheap in quality.

It comes in two primary varieties, the M530 Mountain Pedals, and the M530 Enduro SPD.

Visually, these two pedals are glaringly different.

The mountain edition is a stark black, while the Enduro is bright white.

The M530 Mountain tips the scales at a lightweight 455 grams. It features an integrated pedal cage to give you added security when you are not clipped in with your cleats.

It is a dual-sided pedal, so you never have to worry about getting the right side up before clipping in. It comes bundled with Shimano’s SM-SH51 cleat.

The oversized platform makes it easy to get your riding shoe in place without looking down.

The M530 Mountain has been around since 2012 but is still modern in design and a great pedal for all-around offroad use.

The M530 Enduro looks almost the same, except for the difference in color. The underlying difference is the emphasis on use as a pedal for multi-purpose uses. It was updated in 2016, so slightly newer technology.

Both M530 pedals offer adjustable release tensions, so you can dial in the tension which best suits your riding style and trails.

The two M530’s are very cost effective, making them a low-cost option for your performance biking.




Shimano M8020 Review



The M8020 is almost twice the price of the M530 series and worth it. Let’s take a look at why.

It starts with the size of the pedal. The M8020 is slightly larger in the foot contact area, so you can get your shoe in place easier and keep your foot in place with more security. You might equate a larger size with more weight to carry on the trails, but you would be wrong.

This pedal weighs in at 408 grams, making it significantly lighter than the M530.

The lighter weight does not reduce the strength of the pedal at all.

Instead, you have a pedal designed to be stronger and to resist more abuse on mountain trails than the M530. The M8020 comes with the identical cleat included, the SM-SH51.

Visually, you will notice the M8020 is thinner than the M530. This thinner design is what provides the lower weight and gives you a little more clearance while riding.

The M8020 was designed to shed mud more effectively than the M530, which makes it a better pedal for wet courses, or if you will be crossing streams on your rides.

The M8020 has adjustable tension settings, just like the M530. It is built with a chrome-moly material and uses a sealed bearing cartridge.

The sealed bearings make sure water and dirt do not cause your pedals to bind or become stiff on rugged trails. The pedal is dual-sided for ease of use.

The M8020 is almost double the price of the M530’s.




Shimano M530 vs M8020 Pedal Comparison

Are the differences between the pedals enough to spend the extra money for the M8020?

Let’s take a look:

  • Weight: M8020 is 47 grams lighter. Make sure you double that number for your pair of pedals.
  • Durability: M8020 uses a stronger Chrome-Moly construction for added strength.
  • Size: The M8020 is wider, providing better foot stability, but is also thinner.
  • Performance: On muddy trails, the M8020 is superior due to better mud shedding design.

Both pedals are far superior to what came standard on your bike. If you are on a tight budget, the M530 is an outstanding upgrade which will give you great performance and durability for the price.

They are designed to last and have become one of the most popular pedals from Shimano. They both provide excellent foot stability.

If you are wanting to up your performance another notch, the M8020 is the better pedal. The lighter weight helps you keep your legs fresh, but the mud shedding ability is what we really like.

You want your pedals to say as empty of dirt as possible for better foot security and less weight. If you have a little extra room in your budget, the M8020 is the superior choice.

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