Amazon Prime Day 2021 for Cyclists: Everything You Need To Know…

Amazon Prime Day will take place on the 15th of July (Monday), and 16th of July (Tuesday), and we will be providing all the best deals for cyclists.

Amazon Prime Day deals for cyclists returns again in 2019, for the 5th year running. The dates you need to reserve for this important date include Monday, July 15 and Tuesday, July 16.

In 2018, this event was recorded as the largest day ever for sales, since the original start date of the history books, with a record-breaking 89 million visitors to the website, we are expecting this number to rise in 2019.

This “Two Day Parade of Non-Stop Deals” will take place over 48-hours this year, in comparison to the previous year’s 36-hour limit. There will also be offers that include entertainment deals, and hard goods, along with a “Prime Day Concert” featured on Prime Video.

Our team will be working around-the-clock in order to offer you the very best deals Amazon has on offer dedicated to cyclists. They will appear on “this page”, so make sure you have bookmarked it in advance.


How Do Amazon Prime Day Deals Work?

Amazon Prime Day is mainly dedicated to deals that are time limited.

These deals are going to be drip-fed throughout the two sale days, and some of these are Lightning Deals, which means they are only available over a few set hours, and how long the stock will last. Amazon has promised 1 million deals over this time-frame.

Our team will receive early notifications of these deals before they go live, which means we will constantly update this page throughout the event to assist cyclists in browsing through the offers and to find the most favourable discounts.

Amazon is the stockist of a large selection of items that comes from the main cycling brands.

For example, in 2019 we highlighted the deals from Thule, Garmin, along with a few fantastic offers on helmet cameras. Any member of the Amazon Prime subscription service will be receiving these exceptional exclusive deals.


About Amazon Prime Membership

Amazon Prime Day was created to attract attention to all the advantages of owning an Amazon Prime membership. You are not required to be a member of any special club in order to access these deals.

Yet members are offered early access to offers and are offered with the opportunity to jump the queue over the period of Amazon Prime Day.

If you sign-up right now for an Amazon Prime membership, you will also receive a £5 voucher back. The Prime membership is linked to advantages like access to Amazon Video (includes exclusive shows), one-day delivery and Amazon Music streaming.


Top-Rated Tips For Obtaining Best Amazon Prime Day Cycling Deals

Browsing the deals on Amazon can be time-consuming, and it will probably be even more difficult over the two Amazon Prime days. Here is our advice to assist you on how to navigate to the best discounts and sales:

1. Bookmark This Page

The deals on offer are released every 5 minutes, which means things could get slightly confusing. This page is where we will be highlighting the top deals. We are given advance warning, which leaves us with ample time to select the very best offers.

2. Compile Your Shopping List

Write down a list of things that you really need or want before the event. It is best not to be highly specific, as there is no guarantee on what will be offered on the day. Yet keep in mind that “GPS cycling computer with maps” or “helmet camera” will probably assist you in avoiding the temptation of spending money on items that are not that important.

3. Take Into Account The Price Differences When Reading Reviews

We have countless reviews available on our website, and they are made to assist you in making a decision on whether a product matches up to your requirements or not.

However, every item is reviewed with RRP or the price of the product at the “time of writing”. For this reason, keep in mind that when you read the comments that talk about value-for-money, it should be taken “with a pinch of salt” when you find the same product with a discount of 50% off.

The comments relating to everything else such as longevity, quality, and effectiveness will still be the same.

4. Set Your Budget

It is very tempting to overspend when it comes to such drastic discounts and deals. You should start your shopping experience with a goal of how much you are willing to spend. It is also important to find out about the return policies and whether they might be affected by this sale.


There you go. Amazon Prime Day deals for Cyclists is a great time to grab a bargain. Be sure to not miss out.


As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc, or its affiliates.

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