What are the Best Mountain Bike Frames?

Mountain bike frames come in a variety of sizes, features, and materials. Your choice of frame will come down to your strength and experience level of riding. Although most mountain bike frames are constructed from aluminum or some type of alloy, there are others that have been made from steel or other materials.

When you are choosing a bike frame, you should carefully consider the pros and cons of each type of equipment, as well as what’s ultimately important to you at the end of the day. Alloy-based bike frames tend to be cheaper but not as robust, while solid metal frames can be heavier but may last a longer period of time.

We have examined the best mountain bike frames for this year, and we have compiled a list of the three best bike frames that are on the market today. Additionally, we have broken our list down into three broad categories: the best budget bike frames, steel frames, and titanium frames.

For your convenience, we have only included frames that can be quickly and easily be purchased from Amazon, and the frames were chosen for their positive reviews on this platform. If you would like to investigate the pricing or other details of a product listed here, you are free to click one of the links below. There you will be taken to the respective product page on Amazon with today’s price.

Best MTB Frames

Knowing what’s important to you in choosing a bike frame is largely part of the issue for many riders, even those who have been riding for a long time. There are simply so many options to choose from that it can seem daunting to settle on a single model.

We have broken down the most pertinent features and benefits for the frames below, so you will know exactly what the pros and cons are without needed to do the research yourself.

Best budget mountain bike frame

Venzo RAPTOR Mountain Bike Hard Tail Frame 29″

best mountain bike frames


The Venzo RAPTOR is one of the most popular mountain bike frames for those who are on a budget. The 29” inch frame is the recommended size for beginners and those who don’t want to spend a lot of time adjusting their bike just to get started.

The frame is made from a titanium alloy 7005, making it relatively light but sturdy enough to absorb the vibrations you’re going to feel when riding. As one of the cheaper models on the market, the frame supports disc brakes, as well as a 1-1/8” headset.

The frame weighs 4.5 kilos and comes in black. Venzo RAPTOR offers a two-year warranty for this purchase.


Best Steel Mountain Bike Frame

Lowrider 26″ Beach Cruisers Bike Frame

best steel mountain bike frame


For those who opt for the strength and resilience of steel as their material of choice, there is the Lowrider 26” Beach Cruisers Bike Frame. The size of the frame measures at 40 ½” in length and 19 ¾” in height. The size of the clamp is 28.6mm and has a tube head size of 110mm by 32.5mm.

The frame has earned itself quite a reputation on shopping sites, including Amazon. Most people said that while relatively more expensive than other models in the market, the Beach Cruisers frame was the perfect option for those who want a set and forget bike frame option without needing to replace it every few years.

Steel is known to be one of the strongest and most flexible mountain bike frames, as such, the Beach Cruisers frame weighs in at 7.65 pounds when it is delivered to the customer.  The frame also comes with all the parts, screws and accessories that you would expect from a world-class frame such as the Beach Cruisers.


Best Titanium Mountain Bike Frame

Habanero 29er MTB Frame

best titanium mountain bike frame


Titanium is considered to be the best material for mountain bike frames. Titanium is lightweight but just as durable as steel. Bikes constructed from titanium are known to last for years without having to replace any components or having to worry about rust or other artefacts on the bike’s exterior.

The Habanero 29er comes with a brushed finish that gives the frame a sleek look. It is not bead blasted as this can put some wear and tear on the frame itself.

The frame is compatible with disc brakes only, but hydraulics can be used for cables as well if you prefer to use the hydraulic option. The machine head tube and back shell are also included, as well as a rear rack that you can put your gear for long rides and commuters.

The frames from Habanero are all hand-prepped prior to shipment, so they come ready to be assembled right out of the box.

In summary…

Thanks for checking out our guide on the best frames for mountain bikes. We hope that you found this article helpful and informative.

You still may be left wondering what bike frame is going to work best for you, and unfortunately, there’s no easy way to answer this. The best way to find out is by examining the reviews left by other customers of the same bike frame and learn from their experiences. Amazon also provides a platform to ask your own questions to its audience, and you will receive an answer quickly.

All of the products that have been listed above can be viewed on Amazon by clicking one of the links. The pricing and shipping information for each bike is known to change month to month, which is why those details have been left out in this article.

In addition to buying online, most retail sports stores also have bikes that you can try out risk-free. You could always go to your nearest sports centre and test out the different frames for their weight and warranties before settling on a final purchase, but the frames that we have compiled above are some of the best that money buy.

US customers should get their orders within three to five working days, while international shipments should take a few weeks to get their frames delivered.

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