Best MTB Kick-Stands

BV Bicycle Adjustable Center Kickstand

Does your bike have a kickstand plate? If yes, this is the kickstand you want to buy; if not, the next entry is for you.

BV makes a quality kickstand that’s light, stands up to the elements, and most importantly, holds up the weight of your bike when you’re stopping to rest.

You can adjust the height of this kickstand for bikes 24’’-28’’ inches wheelbase.

The design of BV’s kickstand, the “double kickstand”, makes it so your bike chain doesn’t get caught in the kickstand when you set it down.

It’s also one of the lowest-priced models on the market, so you’re getting a bargain when you pick this one up. Just make sure you have a kickstand plate!

Buyer’s Guide: How To Choose The Best MTB Kick-Stand

An MTB kickstand is a tiny part component of your mountain bike and, all things considered, isn’t essential to have a great time on the trails.

Professional racers often choose not to have a kickstand as it adds weight to their bike—but I bet their trail bike has a kickstand when they’re just out relaxing on the dirt. 

However, most of us are not professional riders.

We’re just riders who want to go out on the trails and have a good time. Certainly, you’ll want to stop and snap a photo of nature’s grandeur, have a picnic lunch, or just comfortably sip your water bottle after a long day’s ride.

You don’t want to just put your bike on the ground and let it get scratched up by rocks.

A kickstand is a cheap purchase that’s easy to install and immediately improves how much fun you have on your rides. Plus, you can install it easily, sometimes with just a screwdriver or a wrench.

A lot of bikes come with a kickstand installed by the manufacturer.

Sometimes though, these kickstands aren’t the perfect size for the bike (maybe the factory has one kickstand for every model), or the default kickstand isn’t durable.

It’s easier to purchase a supplementary kickstand and know you’re getting quality than it is to try and get your warranty to cover a part that companies know is easy to break.

Just look at the name: you’re going to be kicking the thing, so you want to make sure you buy one that can withstand the punishment.

We scoured through the reviews to find the best ones—reviewers agree that these two kickstands stand up to the elements, hold up your bike, and tuck away easily so you won’t even notice them while you’re riding.

If you want to save even more time, go check and see if your bike does or does not have a kickstand plate.

This will determine which model you should buy.

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