Best Mountain Bike Brakes

A bicycle brake is a very important part of a bicycle as it reduces the speed of the bike by stopping the rotors from moving. Three basic types of brakes which are available in the market are rim brakes, disc brakes, and the drum brakes. Along with them, there are also other types of brakes available in the market; but these are the most used and most effective of them all.

These brakes are great for regular bikes. But if you are talking about the best mountain bike brakes, they are a little bit different. Mountain Bike brakes are very effective, has to be well maintained so as to make it durable and keep it functional.

As mountain biking is a very risky sport, the manufacturers had to make very effective brakes since a little bit of negligence may cause harm to the rider. Some of the different varieties of the best mountain bike brakes are discussed below…

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 Best Mountain Bike Disc Brakes

AFTERPARTZ NV-5 G3 Disc Brake Kit

Afterpartz Disc Brake kit is the best disc brake kit in the market thanks to a lot of reasons. The features are discussed below…


  • It is a 100% new product on the market.
  • The kit was designed exclusively and this high-quality disc brake kit is Germany TUV certified
  • It is an MTB Mechanical Disc Brake
  • The package contains a 6 bolt standard 160mm 44mm and 22mm pitch row stainless steel disc.
  • The kit is compatible with BB5 and BB7 disc brake pads.
  • The rotors are 160mm that are easily adjustable.
  • The kit has dual pad adjusters with floating pad holders.


  • The brake is very durable; after over 1 year of use, it remains as effective as on the day you bought it.
  • The company provides callipers with the brake pads.
  • The price is decent and compatible with the most varieties of bikes.


  • The brakes are exceptional but the bolts holding the brakes get jammed too frequently.

Overall, a highly recommended product for all the right reasons!

Best Mountain Bike Hydraulic Brake

SHIMANO M315 Hydraulic Disc Brake Set

Shimano M315 is an outstanding Hydraulic brake with some stellar performance. Some of its features are mentioned below…


  • The kit comes in a brand new plant box package.
  • It comes with a pre-bled front Resin left and right pad with a size of 1400mm and 750mm respectively.
  • 4 adapter fixing bolts of 18.7mm each.
  • It lets the user switch sides very easily.


  • These are the perfect Hydraulic brakes. It is used by the professionals.
  • The price is really cheap for a hydraulic brake.
  • These are self-centring hydraulic brakes.
  • It is easy to install.
  • Performs exceptionally well.


  • The levers are swapped. The front brake lever is on the right side of the bike whereas the rear brake lever is on the left side.her than this downside, this product offers great usability at a very competitive price.

Best Mountain Bike V Brake

Shimano Mountain Bicycle V-Brake – BR-T4000

In the world of disc brakes and hydraulic brakes, V brakes have still maintained their importance for their incomparable value for money operation and service.

The Shimano V-Brake T4000 is a great choice for a relatively older bike which may have been sitting in your garage for years now. While giving your bike a servicing, install this V brake and you will know how great they are.


  • These days, Shimano T400 is mainly used for recreational mountain biking.
  • The brake controls both the front and the rear shafts of the bike.
  • The package includes mounting hardware.


  • This v brake will transform any old mountain bike into a new one.
  • Its performance is great, fits almost any bikes.


  • Its efficiency is not as good as that of a hydraulic brake or disc brake.


Overall, a great product with potential! Go for it if you are in the market looking for the best v brake.

Bicycle Brake Type Comparison


There are many varieties of brakes but these are the 3 main varieties of mountain brakes available in the market that would be suitable for a mountain bike. These varieties are discussed below…


Disc Brakes

A Disc Brake uses a unique working principle. The main component of a disc brake is a Caliper. It squeezes the pads against the disc to develop friction which ends the rotation of the shaft which in turn reduces the speed of the vehicle.


Hydraulic Disc Brake

Hydraulic Disc Brakes are most commonly used disc brakes out there. They are used on almost any vehicle with rotating shafts.Hydraulic Brakes

The Hydraulic Brakes are a fluid based braking system. It uses brake fluid like ethylene, glycol etc to transfer the pressure from the controlling mechanism to the braking mechanism.

These brakes have changed the face of mountain biking ever since they have arrived in the market. These brakes let you move much faster and stop much harder. Hydraulic brakes are the first preference of the professional bike riders.

The principle of the Hydraulic system is very simple. A force which is applied to a point is transferred to another point by fluids, known as brake fluids.



V brakes are a different version of a cantilever brake. These are attached to the side of the bikes. The arms of the brakes are very long and there is a cable housing attached to one arm and cable to another.

When you pull the cable, the housing arms come near each other. The housing is flexible and it is extended by a 90 degree bent solid tube called noodle.

In Summary…

Brakes are indeed a very crucial part of cycling. There are a few types of brakes available in the market. Out of that, only 3 major types are mentioned here. Each product mentioned above is the best in their respective field. They may have a few flaws, but the positive presence they have asserted over the world of biking is much bigger.

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